The Sommersel Fishing Camp

The Sommersel Fishing Camp is beautifully located on a 40.000m² pristine seaside grounds, in Northern Norway facing Lofoten. The fishing starts right in front of your door, with a multitude of fish varieties of enormous sizes luring fishermen to return numerous times. Our facility is setup for the avid fisherman, likewise we can cater equally to the beginner and non-fishing guests. You can find all of our non-fishing extra activities and to do’s under ACTIVITES above.
The Gulfstream here allows us to experience relatively mild climatic temperatures.  Being that our camp lays at 68°10’00”N of the Polar Circle you will experience fantastic Midnight Sun from May to July. And with a little luck, you may even see the first Polar Lights in August.

At our camp, you will find 6 free-standing houses, 4 Townhouses, 4 Cottage-Bungalows, camping lots, Grill hut and Smoker.

At our reception area you will find a small tackle shop where you can purchase and rent your fishing needs. Likewise refrigeration and freezing are also available.

View to the Sommersel Fishing Camp

Übersichtskarte Sommersel Fishing Camp

free-standing houses

Freistehendes Holzhaus
Grundriss Freistehendes Holzhaus


Grundriss Holzreihenhaus

cottage bungalows

Grundriss Campinghütte

camping lots


grill hut


landing stage

meeting point „Lofotenblikk“

Anglertreff Lofotenblick

A cozy and informal meeting house allows all guests a sensational view of the Lofoten Mountain Range as well as Vestfjord.

clean-out station


We even offer a clean-out station approx. 100m from you house door.

Our Sommersel Fishing Team is available to answer any and all questions, as well as to advise you, for a fantastic fishing experience. All of this at one of the most beautiful fishing camps in Norway!